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Relationship Tips

How Do You Tell If Your Partner Is The One To Marry?

People say, “you just know” if someone’s right. You get that feeling. Does that mean that if you don’t “just know” there’s something wrong or (s)he isn’t it?   What if everything is comfortable and peaceful? What if sex is fun and fantastic but lacks the spark and excitement? (Here’s a hint: If it’s always exciting   […read more]

Becoming Aware Of The Love That’s Already In Your Life

What you put attention on, you get more of. Another way of saying this is: what you appreciate appreciates.  You’ve probably heard that when we focus on how we don’t have love, we put ourselves in a negative mood, and that’s not attractive to the people around us. It’s hard to meet new people when   […read more]

How Little Repeated Appreciation Yields Big Results

Did you know that we need to have three positive experiences for every negative experience in our relationship to keep the feeling of love alive? This is why expressing our positive feelings is so important. But, what is that? What is a positive experience? Far too often, we start to think it has to be   […read more]

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Client Success Stories!

Now I met an emotionally available man!

“Thanks, Valerie, for all your wonderful support last year. After giving my Dismissive Avoidant partner a whole year to step up to the intimacy plate, I said good-bye. Soon after, with my profile up for only two days, I met another sweet, mature, emotionally available man! We’ve been talking every day, 2-3 hours, have a   […read more]

From pining to feeling wanted…

I had been single for 10 years, with difficult past relationships. In the last 10 years I had a huge crush on someone who rejected me, and then the same exact thing happened a few years from then. Somehow unrequited love was my thing. I had also had crushes in childhood which were unrequited. Valerie   […read more]

I feel empowered, knowing that I have the right tools and support. 

Before working with Valerie, I was emotionally exhausted.  I wanted to find a healthy partnership but realized I needed help defining and recognizing what a good partner might look like earlier on in the dating cycle.  In private sessions with Valerie, I have been able to explore and transform my internal feelings in a safe   […read more]

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